Flying Point Rd,    Southampton, NY  
view 1
Rear Yard Perspective
View From The South East
Wood Vale St,   Sag Harbor, NY 
Entry Facade
Rear elevation
Rear facade
Meadow Lane,   Southampton, NY   
Waterside Elevation
Roof Top View
Sunset Views
Site Plan
Second Floor Plan
Kitchen and Family Room
Ground Floor Plan
Cover Sheet
Bay Front
West Lake Drive      Montauk, NY   
Side Elevation
View Towards South Elevation
Entry Court
View Towards Rear Deck
Front Lawn
Bed Room balcony
Halsey Lane,   Bridgehampton, NY  
Davinci Halsey
Davinci Halsey Cam2
Halsey Farm - Facing East
Untitled 3
Davinci Halsey
Modern Barn/Farm house
Pool side
Untitled 5
Untitled 4
View From The South
Untitled 2
   The Davinci Atlantic,    Bridgehampton, NY   
The Atlantic
Modern massing
Driveway Approach
Entry Elevation
Sunset View
Corner Glass
South Elevation
The Overlook House   Montauk, NY 
The Overlook
The Overlook Haus
Entry Elevation
Cabana walkway
South Elevation
Pool side cabana
Bed Room cubes
View From the South East
Pool side
Sagg Pond,   Sagaponack, NY   
Pool overlook to Sagg Pond
Trellised Seating
Home Offices :: Studios :: Cabanas
Studio 1b
Studio 1
White Barn 2
White barn
Studio 3b
Studio 7a
Studio 7b
Studio 2b
Studio 2a
Studio 6a
Studio 6b
Studio 5a
Star Top Drive      Montauk, NY   
The Modern Mini Haus     Amagansett, NY   
Perspective View Towards Entry
Driveway Approach
View From Pool
Rear Elevation
Rear Elevation
Rear Elevation
View From Pool

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