Over the course the past several decades, both architects and homeowners have become more focused on building green, sustainable, and responsible houses. To that end, there are many practical approaches, one of them being panelized framing. Structures fabricated in a controlled environment involve the utmost efficiency, which results in near zero material waste on the job sites. Far from being what the construction industry considers “pre-fab”, panelized construction is not modular, but rather a precision engineered framing system where sections of the walls, floors, and roof are simply made indoors. The structure is meticulously fabricated in a controlled environment, and then delivered to the site for a very swift assembly. 


The precision engineering, and very short time frame in the manufacturing process makes this a highly worthy alternative to conventional construction methods.  Conventional framing involves months of labor in all kinds of weather conditions, which can often present work delays, and in some cases less than optimal workmanship. Other advantages, aside from the unique structural integrity, include high insulation values, as well as triple pane glass, which not only affords a more sound-proofed home, but provides superb performance when it comes to energy conservation.


Often times a new build can take well over a year. The delivery of a custom home in roughly half the time frame, is a rarity in the luxury home industry.

This methodology speaks to innovation, resourcefulness, and quality workmanship.  Sustainable and responsible building holds tremendous promise in the future of residential construction. By way of example, in many parts of Europe, this is the only methodology in which new homes can be constructed. 


Modern Barn 
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Val Florio AIA Architect  -  copyright 2020 
Flying Point Rd,    Southampton, NY  
Val Florio AIA Architect  -  copyright 2020 
Val Florio AIA Architect  -  copyright 2020 
View From The South East
Rear Yard Perspective
Modern Cottage :: Amagansett, NY  
Entry Facade
Rear elevation
Rear facade
Val Florio AIA Architect  -  copyright 2020 
The Overlook Haus :: Montauk, New York 

Val Florio AIA Architect - copyright 2020 

Backyard Studios offer the perfect solution to find peace and quiet without leaving home.


MyKNUK.com is fully equipped to meet the increased demand for compact and beautifully appointed home offices and studios which can be assembled swiftly - and with the highest quality as is typical of their custom residential standards. Private office solutions are available ranging from fully equipped units to more affordable options without the need for plumbing.

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The Clearview
Glass Gables
Studio 5a
Studio 5b
Studio 1b
Studio 1
Studio 3d
Studio 3b
Studio 5b
White Barn
Studio 7b
Studio 7a
Studio 2b
Studio 2a
Studio Pods
Smaller Studio Pods
Studio 6a
Studio 6b
Val Florio AIA Architect  -  copyright 2020 
The Horizon Haus :: Malibu, CA 

 Harry Gesner & Val Florio Architects - Copyright 2020

The Wave Crest Haus :: Montauk, New York 

Val Florio AIA Architect - Copyright 2020

Val Florio AIA Architect - Copyright 2020

Studio 5a